Advocacy is a strategy used around the world by NGOs, activists, and even policy makers themselves to create, reform or influence policies and its effective implementation and enforcement. It is a process of campaigning or debating an issue to come up with a consensus on course of action to change the situation. RSMF is an active crusader when it comes to effecting policies relating to the rights of cancer patients. It has been recognised globally for its campaigns on creating awareness about anti-tobacco legislation and assisting in its implementation, and making new generation medicines available at affordable costs.

While COTPA anti tobacco laws were introduced in 2004, it has been through the efforts of NGOs like RSM Foundation that they have been enforced. Working closely with needy patients, RSM Foundation recognises governmental policies that are detrimental to their cause. We have worked to make sure the best, newest and unfortunately most expensive medical treatments do not remain out of the grasp of those who need them for financial reasons alone.

Anti-tobacco campaign: RSM Foundation has been globally recognised for its campaigns such as Tobacco Free Workplace, Tobacco Free Bus Stations and Tobacco Free Police Stations, Anti-tobacco legislation and assisting in implementation of the policies. RSM Foundation has also successfully led a campaign against chewable tobacco, a major menace in India, resulting in ban of manufacture of such products in Rajasthan. To begin with RSM Foundation involved the press and dialogued at length on the implications of the judgment. It went one step further by requesting corporates to declare their workplaces as Tobacco – Free zones. RSM Foundation then counseled and encouraged all non-smokers in the work place to vocalize and assert their rights. This led to tremendous awareness. By making the environment less tolerant of smoking, it brought pressure on the smoker.

A survey conducted on 1,000 policemen from 20 police stations in the city by RSM Foundation revealed that a high percentage of policemen in the Rajasthan Police force were addicted to tobacco. The policemen were counseled and workshops for de-addiction were conducted by RSM Foundation. A drastic reduction in tobacco use in the policeman was observed. This initiative of RSM Foundation to make police stations tobacco-free was greatly appreciated by the Rajasthan Police.

In line with WHO’s World No Tobacco Day theme for 2019 – Tobacco and Lung Health, RSM Foundation launched it’s Tobacco Free Auto Rickshaw campaign early this year. This is a part of our prevention program for communities that lack awareness, are at high risk and are deprived of medical care. The programme aims to screen 3,000 such auto rickshaw drivers who easily fall prey to tobacco habits due to their erratic lifestyle. Attractive auto rickshaw stickers co-promoted by WHO and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare were provided to auto rickshaw owners at a Press Conference to mark the occasion.

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“राष्ट्रीय स्वास्थ्य मिशन फाउंडेशन” known as “RSM Foundation” (Registered under Rajasthan Trust Act 1959) was founded in 2012 mainly to provide financial assistance to needy cancer patients. Hence we came up with “अब कैंसर से क्या डरना ...” as our mission statement. This included attacking cancer – related concerns with Awareness, Early Diagnosis, Patients Care and Rehabilitation.
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