Our Mission:

  • To create awareness that cancer is preventable and curable.
  • To facilitate early detection of cancer.
  • To offer emotional support and medical aid to cancer patients.
  • To establish and encourage cancer survivorship programmes.
  • To reintegrate cancer survivors back into society.
  • To facilitate advocacy and research for cancer.

Our Vision:

To be an all-encompassing cancer help agency that works towards patient care, aid and assistance, awareness, early detection, rehabilitation and advocacy. To understand and relate with the far-reaching impact cancer has on an individual’s life. To go beyond the malignancy and treatment of cancer on the medical front and help the individual cope with the economic, social and psychological shadows the disease may cast. To effect and move government policies to ensure a fair chance of treatment for every Indian citizen. To live out completely the holistic approach to treatment of cancer which RSM Foundation calls the ‘Be Safe from Cancer’ philosophy.

Our Activities:

  • Creating nationwide awareness of cancer, its risk factors, and preventive measures, encouraging regular checkups, treatment options and survivorship.
  • Providing for early detection of cancer through cancer detection centers and mobile cancer detection camps across India, especially for the underprivileged.
  • Providing funds for the treatment of cancer for poor cancer patients across India by arranging free medicines and chemotherapy.
  • Providing support during and after treatment to poor cancer patients through accommodation, rehabilitation, and survivor support groups.
  • We outreach people for the benefits of those who are in remote areas and unable to take advantage of the medical treatment.
  • Visiting and interacting with cancer patients at outdoor and indoor patients of Hospital.
  • Conducting awareness programmes at different schools, colleges, offices, institutions and Kachchi Basties.
  • Display of poster exhibitions.
  • Holding workshops and Training Programmes for volunteers.
  • Distribution of relevant material to cancer patient.
  • Traumatized patients are also counselled at home on request only.
  • Publication of relevant articles/material related with cancer.
About Us
“राष्ट्रीय स्वास्थ्य मिशन फाउंडेशन” known as “RSM Foundation” (Registered under Rajasthan Trust Act 1959) was founded in 2012 mainly to provide financial assistance to needy cancer patients. Hence we came up with “अब कैंसर से क्या डरना ...” as our mission statement. This included attacking cancer – related concerns with Awareness, Early Diagnosis, Patients Care and Rehabilitation.
Contact Info

201,Mudit Mansion,Pal Road,Jodhpur - Rajasthan (India)-342001.

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